I wanted to share with you my “self soothe box.” It’s to use when I’m upset and need some self care or some distraction. Obviously this doesn’t have distractions like movies, TV shows, and the internet, but it’s full of special objects and things that stimulate my senses during a difficult time.

The contents:

  • a special box that I made at residential treatment
  • Tabbies, the small stuffed cat I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I like to rub her.
  • my recovery book (this is a project that I’m working on and I’ll share with you guys when it’s finished, probably in the form of a video or photoset)
  • yummy smelling lotion (Secret Wonderland from Bath & Body Works)
  • a necklace that my best friend Caitlin gave me
  • a rubbing stone that says “strength” that Caitlin also gave me
  • a really smooth shell I like to rub
  • a little teal gemstone that I like to rub (can you tell I like rubbing things?)
  • "snaps" aka affirmations that I received when I graduated from the residential program (they were written by staff and other clients)
  • a hair band (to play with, not snap, because snapping is still self harm)
  • a few foil gum wrappers (I like to peel off the foil)
  • a piece of paper with sweet compliments from people in DBT group
  • a sock puppet from my other best friend Madi
  • a really special book from my childhood that makes me feel loved
  • a rubber chicken that was given to me by my friend Hailey (when I’m angry I can squeeze/swing/abuse the hell out of it)
  • a journal and pen
  • 2 squares of Lindt extreme dark chocolate
  • 2 sticks of gum
  • bubblewrap (not pictured)

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